What do blogs do? I personally blogs allow people to communicate with other people through the internet. However unlike online chats and such, it allows someone to process the information written on the blog. This is because there is no pressure for someone to answer immediately. This allows deep conversations to be occur and also gives the blogger the freedom to put subliminal messages within the blog and allow the reader to process the message in his/her own time. Hence blogs are a medium of conversation, deep intellectual dialogue between the blogger and his/her readers. 

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Whilst watching H+, it became apparent to me that humans needed to draw a line when there is “too much” technology, or when technology becomes too advanced. I am not saying that Artificial Intelligence is going to become “human” and then rule the world, but what I am saying is that humans are becoming too dependent on technology. As h+ shows, certain people become more ensnared by the technology presented to them and whilst technology presents obvious benefits such as convenience, no human error etc. it also becomes apparent that humans have lost certain traits in return. For one, as most of us know, numerous people do not actually talk when they hang out, instead they take out their phones when they have nothing to talk about. Some might ask “what’s wrong with that?”. Social skills are not used, and so are lost. Another more relevant example is that numerous students in lectures may take notes using computers instead of pen and paper. Result? They find it very hard to write fast and legibly in an exam because they spent all their time on the computer. 

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  • Below is an extract from a friend’s picture on facebook, where both of our friends decided to comment on. The picture was a basic profile picture (so you can imagine what it might look like) but the point of this is to illustrate actual trolls on facebook. And as we all know, facebook is an everyday media tool that people use to communicate with other people. So is it fair to say such things that you see on Facebook occur in real life as well?
    Person A :what the ****  i just cleaned my laptop
    Person B: how do you work out your eyes? they are swolen as ***!!
    Person C: how do you style your hair so that it looks like a turtle head or the tip of a missile?
  • Person B: lol “tip of missile” , I c what u did there
    Person D: My mom walked in so I switched to porn instead of this
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Objectivity or Subjectivity?

Truth, one word which demands the attention of every human out there. Everyone seeks the truth, whether it is in education, meaning of life, historic events or petty things such as “who stole my food from the fridge”. 

Truth itself is defined as “being authentic” or “not falsifying evidence”. Yet what happens if someone was to falsify evidence but actually believe in what they were doing? In other words, if someone told a lie, but truly believed in it, would that be a lie? Or the truth since the person is being… “authentic” to themselves. 

Another topic where the truth would be examined is education, or science and math. Millions of people would say math and science were the true examples of “truth”, that they are objective and that it is indisputable; at least certain parts of it such as 1+1=2. However it can be argued that we, humans, invented both science and math, therefore we made a system to help us understand events in life. What this does is “falsify” evidence does it not? This is because we have changed the entire perception on a certain object for us to understand. However if someone came over, say an alien or someone who had no understanding of math and science, they may see things differently, and find that “math” and “science” are fake or false concepts which hide the “truth”. 

A more interesting concept is colour. Colour is interesting as everyone perceives a certain colour as “something” (unless Colour blind) such as red, blue etc. Yet it is possible that what I perceive as “red” may be different from what you perceive as “red”. However we understand each other when talking about “red” because we have labeled the same object “red”, even though it I may not actually perceive the red colour you see; say when I say i see “red”, I’m actually seeing what you perceive as “green”. 

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“Since writing means filling a space (blackening pages), in those space where there is nothing to write, the writer can, at any time, introduce material (quotations, pictures, charts, designs, illustrations, doodles, lists, pieces of other discourse, etc.) totally unrelated to the story he is in the process of inventing.  Or else he can simply leave those spaces blank, because fiction is as much what is said as what is not said, since what is said is not necessarily true, and since what is said can always be said another way.  There is no constriction in the writing of fiction, only arbitrariness and freedom” (“Surfiction 44)

Whilst the Crying of Lot 49 does not, in any way, leave pages blank to invite the reader to re-imagine any events described before, it does use a significant amount of imagery to draw in the reader, and force them to use their imagination.

The Crying of Lot 49 does utilize the idea that a writer can “introduce material totally unrelated to the story he is in the process of inventing”. To be fair, it is not correct to say that the author exactly introduced material that was entirely unrelated to the story. However the events introduced such as the affair or the loneliness experienced by the protagonist all seem at first unrelated or insignificant to the main plot line; the handling of the will.

As said before in the first seminar question, these events seem to reflect multiple stimuli that we, readers, experience on a daily basis. In the Crying of Lot 49, it is noticeable that these events prevent the protagonist from completing her original task as it ends up distracting her from pursuing her initial goal. Therefore we can infer that such events, or that the notion of multiple stimuli, all distract us from pursuing what we initially intended to do. For example, I’m sure all of us have tried to set a goal such as “I will complete a ‘set’ piece of homework today and do this… do that” etc. However we all are guilty of some sort of procrastination such as youtube, facebook etc. The act of procrastination itself is the reaction that we, as humans, have to multiple stimuli.

Whilst the multiple stimuli described in the Crying of Lot 49 illustrate the daily lives of the readers, it is also an aspect of fiction. This is because all of the events described in the novel all vary in numerous degrees; a conversation to a dinner date, to a drinking game to analyzing a movie. The varying degrees of ‘fictional’ stimuli allow the readers to associate themselves with the protagonist as it is very likely that we, as the reader, have somehow experienced on the ‘fictional’ events described.

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My first blog… what should I say? I have no idea how to write a blog, no idea what goes in a blog and no idea how long it should be. It’s something akin to say… starting a new hobby or the feeling some of us might experience when we take junior Engineering classes or med classes.

So I’m just going to try something in future blogs. I might just talk about current events, maybe write a poem just for the sake of doing something unique or just throw a question out there for people to think about.

But for now let’s start with something. Have any of you ever had music ever affect your mind? Let’s say you had a normal, typical dull day at Case, you feel no outstanding emotions. All of a sudden, you hear a song or a phrase from a musical piece which then changes your entire mood. I’m sure you all will say ‘yes, I have’. Of course, I forgot that we live in a extroverted society where multi-tasking is seen as the norm. Regardless, I challenge you to try listening to one song only when writing an entire essay. Though I believe that everyone has done something akin to that.

Why is this entire blog so out of order? Why? That’s because I’m listening to a song called ‘Thrift Shop’ that my friends showed me just today. This song itself is throwing me off course due to the beat and the melody. For me, it reinforces the notion that I can write anything I want without anyone judging me (of course that’s not actually true). Even though the song is practically just about purchasing cheap clothing, it gives off the idea that I can do whatever with limited resources; say for this blog, one song and a set amount of time.

So where is this blog going? I don’t know. But I’m just going to end it here so that I can just continue dancing to this amazing tune. If anything I’m sure about, next blog would be entirely different; from the tone to the message of the blog. Why? That’s because of the music I’m listening to when writing this blog.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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